Piano is the perfect instrument to start scoring with as it can be as gentle as fierce, as simple as complex, as classical as futuristic. It can create a whole atmosphere in seconds, wide or intimate. It can also be a good friend on commercial pop tracks along an indie rock trio.

Le piano est l'instrument parfait pour débuter une mise en musique puisqu'il peut être aussi doux que sonore, aussi simple que complexe, aussi classique que futuriste. Il peut créer une atmosphère complète en quelques secondes. C'est aussi l'ami fidèle de la pop rock façon Coldplay, Keane, James Blunt.

Romantic Piano

is a compilation of soft piano tracks composed by Bruno Cariou. It is available as a CD or download, but also as professional audio files for synchronisation. the tracks can be edited to suit needs (orchestration, length, speed).

  • 1111

    Special track for the
    november 11th WW1 centenary
    Piano & strings

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